Career Opportunities

Koala Publishing’s success is the result of our dynamic teams. We are very proud to be a 100% Australia owned and operated company. We are very passionate about supporting the local economy and workforce wherever possible and currently over 90% of our sales are from products made in Australia. Koala was awarded Employer of Choice and Business of the Year 2015 in recognition of Koala’s employee focused initiatives. 

If you are interested in joining our team, we currently have the following Employment or Distributor Territory opportunities available as listed below.

Koala has business relationships with our Distributors based across Australia and New Zealand, which are vital to the success of our business and distribution of our product ranges. Distributorships are the ideal way for proactive individuals to embark on running their own business, leveraging on Koalas reputation and sales, whilst being supported by our team.

 Distributor Opportunities


Distributorship opportunities are for individuals who have a desire to run and manage their own business and are passionate about delivering an exceptional level of quality customer service. Distributorships are business partners with Koala, they are not employees. 

If you want to know more and you're interested in joining our distributor network, please follow the below link to find out more information and submit an application here; 

Vacant Territories: 

Southern NSW / Northern VIC

Greeting Card Sales Agent


Greeting Card Merchandiser

 Employment Opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities